Independent Instructor

Trinity University
ECON-1312 - Principles of Macroeconomics (syllabus)

  • Fall 2018

  • Spring 2019 (scheduled)

ECON-3348 - International Monetary Systems

  • Spring 2019 (scheduled)

University of Oregon
EC 202 - Introduction to Macroeconomics (syllabus)

  • Fall 2016

  • Spring 2017

  • Fall 2017

EC 421 - Introduction to Econometrics (syllabus)

  • Summer 2016

EC 470 - Monetary Policy (syllabus)

  • Summer 2015

  • Fall 2015

  • Spring 2018

Teaching Assistant

  • EC 101 - Contemporary Economic Issues

  • EC 201 - Introduction to Microeconomics

  • EC 313 - Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (grader)

  • EC 370 - Money and Banking (grader)

Student Comments

"Honestly the most incredible professor for econometrics. I came into this class with no true idea of what was happening, then within three days I knew more about econometrics than the entire previous term! [Jean] made me love this topic so much I plan on furthering my education in this area!" - EC 421: Introduction to Econometrics

"Jean was an incredible macroeconomics professor. It was truly apparent that she was passionate about the material and wanted her students to succeed. On numerous occasions she went out of her way on the weekends to offer study sessions for midterms and the final for her students to review the material and thus succeed in her class. She presented the material in an engaging manner that catered to how her students learned best." - EC 202: Introduction to Macroeconomics

"This course is conducive to different learning styles--Jean seems to take into account the variety of students from different disciplines and structures the course in a way that everyone can learn regardless of mathematical ability. The usage of lecture slides is excellent and helpful, and she summarizes the information succinctly and in a way that everyone can understand." - EC 202: Introduction to Macroeconomics

"I really think that Jean excelled in making sure class was a place for students who wanted to learn, not just those that were required to be there for their degree. She was clearly a master of the material, and made alterations to the textbook to teach what she thought was (as an economist!) important. The alterations this class had compared to other UO classes I have taken were extremely welcome-the school needs more courses taught like this. This class, in big part thanks to Jean, really left me feeling like I learned and absorbed information that will be useful to me down the road at UO and into my adult future." - EC 202: Introduction to Macroeconomics